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ISO 9001 Certification Requirements

ISO 9001 is a standard against which the Quality Management System of a business is evaluated. It can apply to all companies; therefore it is worded to allow it to be adapted and non-prescriptive. It is, however, intended to demonstrate that a business can provide a consistent standard of quality. The standard does not require you to be specific to the products or services but applies to the processes that create them. Most importantly, it is a common sense and practical method for improving processes.

23rd September 2015 we saw the current version being unveiled now to include ten sections, still retaining the process basis but distinctly designed to embrace the Annex SL which allows it to interlock with other ISO systems moving towards an integrated system.

Close up on a file tab with the word ISO 9001, focus on the main text and blur effect. Concept image for illustration of Quality Standards

ISO 9001 and Your Business

Achieving ISO 9001 makes a positive statement to prospective customers about your Organisation's policy towards quality, and the importance you place on meeting your customer's needs. ISO 9001 certification not only brings a range of benefits, more and more local authorities, institutions and public services as well as leading companies are insisting on suppliers having achieved ISO 9001.

CIS is synonymous with simplicity, through our proven simple approach our consultants can assist you to achieve ISO 9001 at a fixed, all inclusive fee, hence reducing time and cost.

Fees ISO 9001:2015

Annual Turnover Fee
Up to £250,000 £1,200
£250,000 to £1.5 million £1,700
£1.5 million to £3 million £2,200
£3 million to £6 million £2,700

For Company’s with a turnover that exceeds £6 million price on application: Annual external audit fee £500, £600, £700 and £800 respectively.

Fees apply to mainland only. Fees subject to vat at the prevailing rate.


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