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Assessment Process

8 simple steps is all it takes for our assessment process

  1. We will arrange an appointment to visit your business premises to review your existing procedures.
  2. A comparison of your procedures alongside the standards you require.
  3. We use our 'keep it simple' approach and, where possible, accept and adopt your current procedures with a 
    view of leaving well alone.
  4. Having exposed the areas of non-compliance, help, assistance and advice will be given to prepare a plan to rectify the non-compliant sections.
  5. When areas of non-compliance are identified, all materials required (i.e. Health & Safety requirements and documentation) are provided inclusive by CIS.
  6. Within 48 hours of assessment you will receive your report highlighting the areas of non-compliance and advising you of a plan of action for rectification.
  7. Upon your confirmation of acceptance of the non-compliant areas, together with a commitment from yourselves to rectify them, we will commence to prepare your respective manual.
  8. Upon confirmation from our auditor that he/she is satisfied that the areas of non-compliance have been 
    rectified, your certificate, manual and logos will be presented.

Simple, Fast Certifications: