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ISO 14001:2015

£1,440.00£3,240.00 VAT

How do environmental concerns impact on your business? Not only do we all have to take responsibility for our business processes – both ethically and practically, there are stringent punishments now in place for polluters of land, air and water, set out in statute.

It came about because of growing concern worldwide about the environment and the effect of modern industrial processes on it. Nationally, the UK Government is trying to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and locally, councils are providing more and more recycling centres for bottles, cardboard, paper and redundant white goods etc.

The standard states at the point of assessment you do not have to be environmentally compliant but you do have to indicate that you have an action plan to improve year on year.

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Pay a 30% deposit per item


Fees: ISO 14001:2015

ANNUAL TURNOVER                                     FEE

Up to £250,000                                             £1,200 + VAT

£250,000 to £1.5 million                             £1,700 + VAT

£1.5 million to £3 million                            £2,200 + VAT

£3 million to £6 million                               £2,700 + VAT

For Company’s with a turnover that exceeds £6 million price on application

Annual external audit fee £500, £600, £700 and £800 respectively.

Fees apply to mainland only. Fees subject to vat at the prevailing rate.


I would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with CIS, CIS gave me some very good advice and useful tools during the assessment that took place in 2012, CIS advice has been second to none which has aided overall improvements.

CIS are very professional and knowledgeable which made the exercise a pleasure.

Darren Johnson, Operations Director. Streetwise Couriers (APC).