OHAS 18001:2007 > Occupational Health And Safety Management System (OHSMS)

OHAS 18001:2007 is an occupational health and safety management system.

Management systems provide systematic approaches to managing different aspects of a company's business in order to achieve the company's objectives. OHAS 18001:2007 is designed to assist companies achieve their Occupational Health and Safety objectives.

In 1996 BS 8800 was introduced as a guidance document on implementing an occupational health and safety management system but companies could not be certified against it in addition it was found different industries would adapt for their own circumstances.

A committee was established for the purpose of developing an agreed occupational health and safety management standard, the main objective was to remove confusion in the workplace from the proliferation of certifiable OH&S specifications. The result OHAS 18001:2007. And has now become an internationally recognised standard as the benchmark for Health and Safety Management Systems certification.

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Concerns about Health & Safety have been growing rapidly in recent years. High profile incidents such as rail crashes may grab the headlines but, at a local level. Increasing enforcement by the Health & Safety Executive raises the likelihood and Managers being held personally liable for breaches in Health & Safety legislation. With the implementation and achieving OHAS 18001:2007 certification you should achieve the following:

Certification is becoming a prerequisite for major companies and local authorities

  • It is great marketing tool
  • It will assist your company in meeting regulatory requirements
  • It may improve your companies profile in bidding for contracts
  • It may reduce your insurance premium
  • It will reduce the risk of accidents and occupational ill health
  • It will indicate to employees that the company is concerned about their welfare

OHAS 18001 is designed to be compatible with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 we recommend that your organisation seeks to integrate with your current systems, alternatively apply for all three together; our consultants will be pleased to advise on the simplest and most economic route.

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Available standards: ISO 9001ISO 14001ISO 27001OHAS 18001

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