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Providing Stress-Free ISO Certification

After many years in the business, we know you want a hassle-free, easy, clear, and simplistic approach to your certifications

At CIS we have a saying that we are ‘synonymous with simplicity’. We simply aim to remove bureaucracy and timescales from the certification process.

For example, when we come out to visit you, we carry out assessments simultaneously. This means if we find something wrong we help you fix it there and then.

If you require any documentation, health & safety information we will provide them all included in our fixed fee all in one visit.

If you are unaware, many companies will come out, assess you…pick you apart, fail you and re-schedule another visit. You pay a fee every time they come out.

A series of failures can be a series of expenses and cost you a fortune in time and money. We save companies thousands through this simplistic all-in/ one-stop process.

We have a team of business minded ‘friendly’ assessors that wear the ethos of simplicity in their character, so you’ll be served by good people who you’ll like.

We hold this quite dear to our ethos, as the process is very interactive and personal; it helps if you connect well with the person serving you.

A simple approach is usually the fastest to getting you certified, reducing management time and allowing you to get on with running your business.

Our Satisfied Clients Say:

“Once I had established the need to have ISO 9000 certification, I went on line to apply. The whole process from application through to receiving our certificate was clear, concise and very straightforward. The staff at CIS have been most helpful and courteous throughout the process and I have no hesitation in recommending CIS and their on-line booking service to other businesses”.

Michael Clough, Director of Japanese Knotweed Solutions

Simple, Fast Certifications: