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Is ISO Really a Complicated Process?

No, it should be (and really is) simple, but our industry is full of bureaucratic nonsense. The single and most important reason you want and need International Standards Certification is to position your company more appropriately to attain better contracts, increase revenue and overall company valuation.


In the ideal world you would want this as quickly as possible, without carving out hours of time from your day to look for providers who make the process even more confusing.


We hate the confusion and respect time, speed and need. Providing the obvious necessary parts are in place, we’ll get you certified as early as two weeks, bureaucracy free! Give us a call today: 0844 7369 576

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Ever Thought About Changing Your Auditor?

Are you finding your auditors are unnecessarily overly bureacratic? Unfortunately Auditors can often times be too picky, overcharge and sometimes be down right ignorant.

Did you know your can change your auditor anytime? This is a service where we specialise and excel. Let’s discuss a transfer? Give us a call today: 0844 7369 576

Hear what others say..

"The whole process from application through to receiving our certificate was clear, concise and very straightforward. The staff at CIS have been most helpful and courteous throughout the process and I have no hesitation recommending CIS and their on-line booking service to other businesses".
Michael Clough, Director


"Thanks to the help and guidance of CIS over the past 6 years, Integrated Care 24 (IC24) has been able to achieve Multiple ISO Certifications. At the end of each assessment, he gave us guidance, feedback and where necessary an action plan on certain areas where we could improve upon."
Ron Owttrim, Chief Executive
Integrated Care 24 Limited

IC 24

"As part of Brandinc’s vision to grow as a company we have achieved both ISO 19001 & ISO 14001 certifications and believe having these certifications is fundamental to ensure we provide our customers with the best possible products, service and reliability".

Adrian Ferrand, Brandinc Ltd,
Islington, London


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